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I cooked a meal for both of us, raided Dad's wine cellar so I could wine and dine Granny. I think she enjoyed my cooking she certainly enjoyed the wine, knocking back the best part of one and a half bottles I only drank about half a bottle, in my opinion there is nothing worse than having the inclination and being struck by 'brewer's droop', so when there is a possibility of sex I only drink in moderation.

Once again we watched television, a scene of domesticity. Me sprawled on the sofa, the woman I am shagging cuddling up close to me. About half ten Granny announced she was tired and going to bed. So I went with her to help with her night time routine. There was no display of false modesty, in a trice granny peeled off her clothes her pants and her pad. "Joe," she said. "I could change this myself, but I do enjoy having you do it for me."

"I enjoy doing it." I replied, already my prick was stirring toward a state of arousal.

"I can see that dear. What a shame I am too sore but waiting will do you good."

When she said this I was applying moisturiser to those parts of her and trying to be the carer, a task made more difficult because: granny's clitoris was engorged and in its own state of erection, and her bruised and tormented anus was gaping invitingly. "It is a shame Gran." I said in agreement as pulled up her pants.

The final task of putting Granny to bed was her hot chocolate and meds. Once again I made a coffee for myself too. Pills for the heart, pills for blood pressure , pills for pain and pills to help her sleep. Lust drove me. I felt no guilt, I clearly recalled Granny saying to me, ' At the moment my arse feels very tender so give it a rest for a day. But if you feel an uncontrollable urge to take me there then do it. If I am asleep you can have me in my sleep.' Well I felt an uncontrollable urge, so let Granny sleep well while I enjoyed her body. I had also become aware that having someone who was asleep was deeply satisfying in its own right. To ensure I could enjoy her body I increased Granny's sleeping tablets from two to three, calculating that combined with her alcohol consumption it would hit her like a sledge hammer.

I took the mugs down to wash them, then read a book for about half an hour while I gave the pills time to work. Climbing the stairs I had an erection that caught in my pants and made each step painful.

Granny was asleep, snoring very gently, sensuous lips parted as if in invitation. I was tempted! My fingers explored. Slack jaw opening in acceptance. Three fingers examined toothless gums. A warm wet pussy mouth.

I wanted to play with her. I suckled on her elongated teats, all those pregnancies now I could understand. How I should have liked to suckle on them when they were full of milk.

I undressed. My first task is to remove granny's night pants and pad, the very items I had put on her about an hour before. Carefully I rolled granny onto her stomach, now she was in the centre of the bed. Once she groaned, as I moved her but never really awoke. I gathered together the four pillows, so they were in easy reach. I worked a hand underneath her between the mattress and her abdomen. She's as light as a feather, one handed I lift her hips and slide the pillows into position. Now her backside was elevated. I parted her legs and gazed at her exposed gaping anus which was framed by her swollen sphincter muscle. I pulled on exam gloves, I had not planned what I was going to do, but I did not want to tear Granny and I knew the anus is delicate. Kneeling between her legs I bowed my head. Then I kissed this seat of delight. My tongue easily entered the gaping ring.

I sloshed vast quantities of lube between Granny's buttocks and shot even more into the gape. Slowly I worked three gloved fingers, finger deep up Granny's anus, with my other hand I toyed with her excited clitoris. She came wetly, the warmth penetrating my glove. Anal spasms felt through my questing fingers.

One by one I disengaged my fingers. Shuffled forward on my knees into position. Drew back my foreskin, presented my bold purple cock-head to her gaping sphincter. It started to enter her easily. I grasped her hips and rammed the full eight inches in, feeling my pubis strike her tail bone with a satisfying jar. In,,, out,,, in,,, out,,, I built up a rhythm. When I felt I would soon cum, I stopped letting the moment pass, then I recommenced the rhythm. Beneath me Granny remained in deep sleep. When I wanted her to cum I made her cum. When I felt her building up to cum and I did not want her cumming I would stop, hold her tightly until her moment had passed by. I knew that I was Granny's master. Eventually my desire to cum became too great quick violent thrusts, my balls tightened suddenly I felt my cum well-up travel along my cock shaft. Then begin to spurt into her.

When I'd finished cumming I expected my cock to soften and fall from her. It did not. This time I did not have to stop to hold back. I kept thrusting Granny enjoyed multiple orgasms even through her sleep her hips ground and she came in a mixture of pee and cum. Eventually I felt my balls tighten then once again I spurted into her. Although I was still hard I pulled out. I had to look. Her sphincter was raised ringing her gaping anus like labia, the pillows were soaked.

I applied more lube a whole tube, half over external places -her sphincter, my gloves; the other half I squeezed into her to mix with my cum. Getting three fingers into her was easy, adding a fourth and my thumb was no problem. All five into her stopping at the knuckle where my fingers join the hand. Again my other hand was playing with Granny's clit, her labia and entrance to her pussy.

As I recall my intention had been to access her tits. So once again I turned Granny this time by simply lifting her. I laid her on her back her hips elevated by the sodden pillows. Lifting her legs it was easy to replace all five digits in her arse-hole to the same depth. The bonus was I could suckle on her tits, savouring the taste and texture of her elongated rubbery nipples. Or I could look at her excited nether regions.

Experimentally I pushed my hand a little harder. Suddenly to my surprise something gave I was wrist deep in Granny's arse. Granny was softly whimpering. I nearly did everything wrong. Panicking I was going to pull my hand out. A small voice in my head said slowly, nothing sudden you might tear her. Once the shock and panic had passed I looked carefully at the area where her sphincter grasped my wrist. There was no blood. By the flowing wet and her pulsing clitoris Granny appeared to be enjoying a non-stop orgasm - lucky Gran, I thought. Then, lucky me! To have a Gran like mine. By this stage I had worked the middle finger, ring finger and index finger, of my other hand into her pussy. To me she appeared to be stretched to the maximum. I wished I had set-up my video camera.

Granny screamed! Her eye lids fluttered rapidly. "Oh Daddy please please." Now her sphincter was gripping me tightly, withdrawal did not appear to be an option. What should I do, would it be best to awaken her? Or should I let her awaken herself? I knew all the stories about waking sleep walkers, by my reckoning there was not a lot of difference between somnambulism and somnsex even if one condition was drug induced. Then as suddenly as it had happened Granny quietened and her body relaxed. I took my chance, gently but swiftly I extracted first my fingers from her pussy, a simple process then slightly more difficult to do, remove my hand from her anus. The gape was a veritable cavern. The much stretched sphincter muscle and surrounding area were increasing the intensity of the angry red glow before my eyes. Her labia and raised sphincter seemed to merge, the frenulum lost almost as if she had one pussy with two entrances framed by well developed lips.

Granny was again sleeping like a baby, lips slackly parted the hint of a snore. I decided to take my chance, get my camcorder set up. I also needed another tube of lube, two tubes I decided who knows where this night would end. I was developing a routine with the camcorder and tripod, soon it was in position by the bed, Granny's pubic area in clear focus. I opened two tubes of lube, removing the foil seals from both, then pulled on a clean pair of latex exam gloves. I thought to myself, 'I bet in her wildest moments Mother had never imagined the use they might be put to'.

I sloshed lube all over Granny's oversize sex, squirting copious amounts of lube into both openings. With the forefinger and thumb of my right hand I held back her labia, fully exposing her well lubricated vagina. No gentleness, I folded my left thumb into my palm. My fingers came together making an arrowhead. I drove my fist in as far as the knuckle. Granny orgasmed, still asleep she mumbled, old hips gyrating like a hula dancer. Simultaneously she pissed herself I mean really pissed herself the golden shower arcing high, falling then pulsing squirts. My hard-on was throbbing painfully, but I still wanted to try more. "Oh daddy no more ... " indistinct mumbling "... please daddy .. NO ... " more mumbling. I hoped the camera picked up her words, maybe I would find out when I played it back on my lap-top.

One by one I worked the fingers of my right hand into her rectum. I got up to four, but no way could I get my thumb in too. It was obvious to me that for tonight at least I taken Granny to the limit of what was physically possible. "Daddy NO ... you promised" She screamed so loudly I thought she would awaken herself. I stopped, she stilled. I knew we had reached the end for tonight anyway. I wanted to enjoy Granny not harm her! - There would always be another day, another night! This was not the end only a pause. Gran had said I could have her whenever I wished, however I wished, conscious or unconscious; the only stricture had been I must not tear her. I was taking this licence to the max, but I also respected my duty to look after her. The little red LED on the camcorder reminded me of the silent witness, I was sure Granny would enjoy watching the playback, seeing what she had missed.
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