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Cool Easter granny by jon.hayworth

This story starts at Christmas, I was home from University for the vacation. Home was and remains, a large farmhouse, at that time the property of my maternal grandmother. The farm itself, also belonged to her having been left to her by my great-grandfather. Mother's sister Emma and her husband worked the farm, Granny the family matriarch owned and had until recently actively controlled it all.

Granny was old, physically infirm and we all thought her once sharp brain was in decline. If you know about British social care funding laws you will understand why my mother insisted we live with her mother and take care of her this was my mother's inheritance. If the council, social work department provided carers, they would put a charge on the house and take it when Granny died.

Christmas was over, the New Year hang-over still present when my father asked me about my itinerary for the year. "Uni this term," I replied adding. "Back here at Easter, then two days at Uni for term registration, Then back here for five weeks to finish my dissertation, hand that in then revision for two weeks. Followed by sitting my finals."

"Good," said Dad. "In that case Easter I am taking your Mum for a well deserved break. You can look after your Granny."

I blanched, looking after Granny for a couple of hours was one thing and I was not very good at it. But looking after an incontinent, somewhat demented old lady for seven weeks was terrifying. "But I have to go away for registration." I had thought that this was my trump card.

Dad was ready. "It is fine I knew that, so I have arranged with Aunty Emma, that she will come across for those two days."

So it came about, the before Friday before Good Friday, I returned home, over the next four days mother gave me a crash course in caring for Granny. Mother showed me what to do. Granny's medicines, what they were, how and when to give them; how to fill out a repeat prescription request; contact number for the doctors surgery. How to dress and undress my grandmother, it felt strange doing so intimate things to an old lady, especially an old lady who had always been a part of my life, When I spoke about my feelings to my mother, she said I should forget the person I was caring for was my granny, just regard her as a job to be done.

The worst was learning how to change her incontinence pads. Mother said always to wear exam gloves as this helped establish a working connection in place of the family connection. I noticed a change in mother's demeanour as soon as she did any caring, she donned her apron and gloves and became very Matron like! I almost burst into a fit of giggles the first time that I witnessed this transformation.

At last the day arrived. The Wednesday before Good Friday, my mother, father, Granny and me with Mum and Dad's bags crammed into the Land Rover. We, Granny and I left them at the airport, flying to Australia to visit my older sister. Granny and I drove the four and a half hours home.

It was then my duties began. Not only had Granny wet herself, but she'd done the other as well. Using my arm as a crutch I got her out of the Land Rover., into the house and straight into the bathroom. I had no lustful thoughts the stench saw to that. In an impersonal way I ran Granny's bath, helped her out of her clothes and into the warm bath. "Will you be OK Gran?" I asked gathering her clothes.

"I'm fine Joe I'm not a child" she responded tartly. I took her clothes, sluiced them and put them in the washing machine.

Granny was lying in the bath soaping herself when I returned. I dipped my fingers in the bath to check the water was still warm. "Jump in if you want Joe," she said and cackled with laughter which ended in a coughing fit.

It was when she got out of the bath, an operation that involved me half lifting her, that I noticed her body. First impression she was like a little doll, just over five feet tall and weighing about one hundred and ten pounds, little more than skin and bone. A flat stomach and skinny arse, legs and arms like matchsticks. Her size was not to do with age, she had always been small. Her tits must have been large when she was younger, but now at seventy-five they were near empty bags which hung like a pair of drained udders to her waist. It was her nipples which drew my attention, each at least as long and as thick as my thumb as firm as a cow's teat. I found myself having to fight against an impulse to play with them.

"Lets get you dry." I said, wrapping Granny in a thick bath towel. I towelled her dry. It was no good, despite my best intentions I succumbed to lust. Accidentally taking advantage of the opportunity toying with her teats. Granny opened her legs in a lewd invitation, so I could dry her. By now movement was difficult, my erection seemed to be fighting against my briefs. Once dry I followed Granny into her bedroom to get dressed, while behind her I was able to rearrange myself. I watched as she packed her flaccid breasts into her bra, then pulled on a sweat shirt top. She did not appear to have noticed the bulge in my jeans, probably an age thing, I thought. Without me telling her to, she hopped onto the bed, "I'll let you put my pad on." She said, spreading her thighs and affording me an intimate, close-up view of her genitalia. Could she read my mind? Did she see the lust in my eyes? No I do not think so, it was just my mother usually put her incontinence pad on, I recalled when Granny had done it there were often disasters.

It is like changing a baby, after drying her I had to apply moisturising cream. When mum showed me I had not really looked at Granny's body. Now was different, here I was applying slippery gel to Granny's sex bits and I was sure I noticed her old clit twitch and her hips give a perceptible wriggle. Was that a smile on her lips? By the time I had her pants on, I had a half hard. I was embarrassed to admit it, even to myself but I had got aroused.

Granny and I had something to eat then settled down to watch television. By eight o'clock Granny was dozing, her head slumped. She always did this in the evening, I did what my mother always did, gently awakened her, made her a warm drink, gave her the pills she took every evening, toileted her. She washed her face, then removed both sets of dentures, I put them to soak overnight. In her bedroom I helped her out of her day clothes and into her nightdress so she was ready her for bed. She got on the bed, lifted her nightdress, was there a smile on her face. "Now you have to change my pad." Changing her pad I hoped that Granny did not notice my rampant erection. My final task was to make a half mug of drinking chocolate for Granny, and to give her the medicines she took. I made myself a mug of coffee and together we drank our night-cap.

I picked up her empty mug. "Night gran," I said I bent over her, my lips brushing her forehead, a platonic kiss.

"Night Joe." She seemed normal compos mentis then said, "Where's Elise?"

Elise is mother's name. "It's alright gran she is away on holiday with dad. We drove them to the airport, don't you remember?"

"Oh silly me a little memory lapse, of course we did. For a moment I'd forgotten."

Once Granny was in bed I left her. Now I could get on with my dissertation, "The decline of the Roman Family 1st c bce to 4th c ce", a dusty subject with a hint of sex I had wanted to write about sex and gladiatrix, but unfortunately I could not find enough material, so the Roman Family was my subject fascinating to those who are interested. As there would be only the two of us in the house I allocated the dining room to myself as a study. The long oak Refectory dining table was covered with my text books and note books, at one end there was a clear area, my workspace. Here was my laptop.

Mug of coffee in hand I settled down to start on my dissertation, a lot of it was organised in my head and I had copious notes. I began to doodling on an A4 pad drawing mind maps sketching blocks that would determine the shape of my work. Time flies when I am engrossed in something, and I was engrossed. It was half past eleven, when I looked at the clock. Time to stop and check on Granny, I had not given her a thought for the last few hours.

The light was still on in her bedroom. Zonked by her sleeping tablets, Granny was lying on her back sleeping peacefully, toothless mouth slackly open. One of her tits had escaped from her nightdress, flashing one of her elongated teats. I had a deep desire to toy with that teat. Experimentally I touched her arm, she didn't stir. Gently I trailed my fingers over her breast, still she slept. I knelt down by the bed. I kissed her breast, licking working my way toward my goal - the teat. The teat was amazing pliant firm and exciting. I sucked and licked. My cock was rampant, my balls heavy. I stood up, undid my jeans, dropped my jeans and pants. I was naked from the waist down. I was going to jack off cum over her tit.

When I looked at her part open toothless mouth it seemed very sexy and inviting. I wondered if she had ever given a B-J. Granny's sex life was a gray area, about which the only thing I knew was she had been a single parent to twins, my mother and Aunt Emma, all else was unknown and to my knowledge never spoken about. I was not even certain that Mother or Aunt Emma knew the identity of their father.

With two fingers I probed her mouth, gently parting her lips, there was no resistance. Granny had taken her sleeping tablets, it appeared she was deep in a drug induced sleep. I felt a tremendous sense of power, she was all mine. I could do to her whatever I wanted to do. I turned Granny so she was on her side facing me her head near to the edge of the bed. Now it was easy to slowly work my cock into her mouth. Gently I fucked her mouth, the sensation was fantastic, unlike anything I'd ever experienced. I'd had blow-jobs but always from young women with a full head of teeth, this was different, Granny's mouth was toothless, warm, wet and soft like a pussy. Grasping her head thrust into her until soon, all too soon I felt, the spunk boiling out of my cock.

I was rapidly discovering the joy of being a dominant. There is a fantastic feeling of power, when your in total control of another being. Throwing caution to the wind, driven by lust and need I pulled Granny toward me, I thrust into her, as cum pulsed from my cock. I came what seemed like gallons.

I became aware that in an involuntary action Granny was swallowing, for one glorious moment I thought my cock would slide down her throat, but then she gagged. Her body fought against my intrusion. Enough was enough I pulled my cock from between her lips, incredibly she was still asleep. My thick and creamy cum mingled with her spittle oozed out of her mouth, running over her cheek, onto the sheets and pillow. Even her lank grey hair gleamed where it was cum-slicked.

I could, I should, have cleaned her up. The sight of her was so erotic that I had to have a picture. I went to my room grabbed my camcorder, (which I kept mounted on a tripod). Back in Granny's bedroom I took some photographs. Already my prick was stirring into life I put the camera at the foot of the bed set on a wide angle, changed the setting from single photo to record video. so it would capture all the action.

With a little movement and a slight ripping of a flimsy seam I freed both of Granny's breasts. Now I took more time sucking the rubbery teats until both began to respond, becoming harder and thicker. I slipped my hand inside her pants, in under the pad. I could not work out if she was aroused or the slick feeling was the moisturising cream I'd applied earlier. Maybe it was better to wait before I tried fucking her, perhaps tomorrow night I'd increase the sleeping tablets, then I'd bang her. My cock grew harder at the thought.

This time I just pushed my rock hard cock between her lips. Holding her head I pushed deep into her. When I felt her swallow I pushed, when she gagged I held her tight so she could not spit me out. Her throat was tight around the head of my cock, relentlessly I drove into her. This time I lasted longer until eventually I spurted into her. I thought all my cum had gone down her throat, but when I pulled out she sort of burped and a gooey mess flowed out of her mouth.

Enough was enough. I took the camcorder off the tripod and got some close-ups of her cum spatterred face, the gooey mix still seeping from her mouth. I closed down the camcorder and took it and the tripod into my room When I returned Granny was still sleeping soundly, apparently unaware of what had happened. Now I foresaw a couple of months of fun with my living sex toy, I only wished the folks had gone for longer. I sat with Granny for about another half an hour or more to be sure she was OK.

Whilst I watched her I calculated, plotted and planned. I wondered what it would be like to screw someone who was incontinent if she came would she piss herself, what would it feel like to get showered with Granny's piss? I guessed it would probably be best to lube her up with the moisturiser before getting into her it must be years since she had last had a cock in her. Satisfied that she was OK, I went to bed. Silently promising her that tomorrow I was going to screw the arse off her. If she awakened it really did not matter. I would clean her up and who would believe the demented old bat.

That night I slept really well until about seven thirty, when Granny's alarm buzzer awakened me. Wearing shorts and a t-shirt I went to her. "Are you OK gran?"

"Oh yes I'm fine dear. I couldn't hear anyone. I forgot that Elise is away. I have got a bit of a sore throat."

"Oh," I said innocently. "You don't feel fluey or anything do you."

"No Joe its nothing a cup of tea wont fix."

I made a pot of tea, and took a cup to Granny.

"Oh that is nice," she said quaffing her tea. "Oh Joe I feel awfully wet can you do my pad? I think after I'll have a little lie in bed, all the driving and things yesterday seems to have quite worn me out."

I assembled the things to change Granny; the exam gloves, the towel, a bowl of warm water, clean flannel, the wipes, the medicated moisturiser, her clean pants and the pads. Granny smiled, "That's right dear," she said raising her hips as I slid off her pants. "Oh dear get me a new nightie, this one has torn."

I turned from taking a nightdress from the tallboy to find Granny had removed the torn nightdress and was naked on the bed. Without me telling her to do so, she spread her legs ready for me to wash her. Once gloved up. I washed her, dried her and was applying the moisturiser, looking at her old cunt and anticipating night time. Suddenly my wrist was clamped in a vice like grip. "Keep doing that until I cum."

I looked at Granny, "What?"

"Oh do credit me with some brains. My memory may be failing, but I can still recall the taste of spunk. Anyway you left the evidence everywhere. The sheets are like boards. My hair is matted And my mouth tasted like the bottom of a parrots cage. Add to that, a sore throat and I think the evidence is pretty conclusive rebuttal if you wish."

I'd forgotten to mention Granny had been a lawyer. I could only make one response. "Guilty as charged."

"Well don't stop now. Just keep going until I cum. When I've cum you can strip off and join me in bed. I've not had a man for years and I'm not missing out on the opportunity. Once your in bed with me I think that it is only fair that you should go down on me and lick my pussy."

"Oh I will. I will enjoy that."

"Of course you will. Do you know I think we are going to have a lovely time together committing incest. Incest, that's what it is called Joe when you have sex with your grandmother. Its a crime. I do hope you enjoy being a criminal. I hope you enjoy everything we do."

"Everything?" I was in a state of shock. Last night I had been the one in control but now it did not feel that way. Now what was Granny meaning with the word "everything".

"Oh Joe don't disappoint me, I hoped I'd found a kindred spirit. I like kinky sex. We'll feel our way. First off I have three holes available to you, I hope that you intend to use them all! Now keep going ... don't stop ... do that circular motion jam all the fingers of your other hand into me!"

I pushed three fingers into her tight pussy. I could feel the wetness no she was not pissing herself.

"Keep fingering me ... force your fingers in, Don't be afraid I want you to open me." I tried to do as she wished. "Come on Joe use force, you raped my mouth last night now take my pussy the same way."

"I don't want to hurt you."

"Joe don't stop make me cum ... Oh my good god this is so good ... don't stop. Spread me! Force me open!" Granny arched her back lifting her hips. "Oh that was so good, I'd forgotten how good it was. Now for my delection your punishment. You my lovable incredibly sexy grandson, are going to tongue my pussy. Joe don't treat me like a china doll, I do yoga so for my age I am supple, lift my legs and get in there."

I did not have a lot of choice, Granny placed her legs around my shoulders then wrapped them around my neck, drawing my mouth down to her open sex. The moisturiser tasted, but soon I was applying long languorous licks along her labia alternating from side to side, teasing her by terminating each lick just short of her clit. "Oh Joe you tease you are killing me." Granny moaned. I responded by taking the licks lower starting by the rose bud of her arsehole.

Only when Granny began to tear at my hair did I begin to lick her clit. Sucking it then probing her open vagina. "I am cumming Joe." This time she pissed herself as she came. I lapped her salt sweet fluid and continued tongue probing her. As I tongued her I gently worked my index finger into her anus, followed with my middle finger, she wriggled her hips working the invasion past my knuckles. This was wonderful, most women, well girls, I'd been with would scream if their arsehole was touched let alone fingered! What were Granny's limits I did not know but I intended to find out.

"You can stop now Joe." She announced releasing the grip on my neck. She may be supple for seventy-five, but it still took us a couple of minutes to disentangle our selves.

Granny kissed me then said, "Are you enjoying yourself, answer me honestly?"

"Yes I am, you are the sexiest woman I have been with.

"Even when I peed in your mouth?"

"Even when you peed in my mouth." I replied smiling.

"Thank heaven for waterproof mattress covers," Granny said. "It's not just incontinence, I have always been a bit of a gusher when I cum. Don't ask me why, some women are made that way. As I build up for a really intense orgasm, I can feel the pressure building up. I cum and I squirt, of course now I am old the incontinence makes me even wetter."

"To tell the truth Gran I thought it was fun, makes everything more erotic."

"I reckon you should fuck me now. And don't forget, do not treat me like a china doll. I like my sex rough the rougher the better. So lift my legs and really fuck me."

I knelt between her legs. Raised her legs and put them on my shoulder, all the time watching her face for any signs she was hurting, but there were no signs -the Yoga must work! What I did notice was my licking her and her piss had removed a lot of the moisturiser. I leaned over her and squirted the tube between her labia, so it spread over her whole genital area. I emptied the tube by squeezing it into her vagina. Somewhere I had read or heard that the skin gets thinner as a person gets older, I did not want to cause potentially problematic injuries to Granny.

"Oh Joe that feels great," she said.

I put the head of my ramrod stiff cock at the entrance and began to slowly enter her.
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